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Sodium Hypochlorite Tanks  - Exxon Tip for Technology

Sodium Hypochlorite - Outdoor UV Protection 

Sulfuric Acid Tanks  -   Exxon Tip for Technology

XLPE Tanks with Liners  

FRP vs. Polyethylene Tanks             

NSF - Standard 61
             Snyder Listing
                      NSF Certificate

 FDA Status Letter - Exxon HDLPE Resin 8660 
Snyder S.U.M.O. Molded Outlet 

Snyder Flexmaster 

Resin Data Sheets
               Exxon HD 8660 
               Sii PE945N
               Exxon Paxon 7004 (XLPE)
               Ingenia Superlink 110 (XLPE)
    Note: Exxon HD8660 & Equistar are considered by Snyder to be approved equals for HDLPE applications.
      Exxon Paxon 7004 and Ingenia Superlink 110 are considered by Snyder to be approved equals for XLPE
      All resins may not be available at all plant locations.
Insulation and Mastic material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
               Insulation (applied on tank at Lincoln, NE factory)
               Mastic Coating (applied on tank at Lincon, NE factory)                          
               Insulation (12 oz. can included in repair kit #347289)                     

 Snyder Tank and IBC Inspection Guide          

Gallons per Vertical Inch Chart  


Ultrasonic Level Indicator Brochure 


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