Tank Armor

Tank Armor ™

Steel Tank Lining 
Tank Armor™ is a MDPE or medium density polyethylene resin liner having excellent chemical resistance properties. With the combination of this resin’s proprietary additive package along with proper surface preparation, the liner bonds to carbon and stainless steel tanks providing an internal liner to protect the metal tank from chemical attack. This allows you to have the structural integrity of a steel tank with the chemical and corrosion resistance of polyethylene. By using Tank Armor™ you can get a longer life out of your carbon and stainless steel tanks.

The Tank Armor™ manufacturing process is similar to our normal rotational molding process used for our one-piece seamless chemical storage tanks. To ensure quality, after production Snyder Industries performs detailed visual inspections of the tank wall. Any blisters, bubbles, voids, or pinholes greater than ¼” in diameter and more than ⅛” deep will be repaired using Tank Armor™ material and the entire inner surface will be spark tested to verify that there are no breeches or pinholes in the bonded material.

Tank Armor™ is used in many applications including… 
  • DOT approved Tanker Trailers.
  • Off-Shore Coast Guard Approved Vessels.
  • Process Tanks.
  • Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs).
  • Lined Pipe.

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