Heat Trace & Insulation

Heat Trace And Insulated Tanks

  • Allows temperature maintenance of stored liquids, not to exceed 100°F.
  • Heat Tracing and Insulated System consists of heat tracing panels, 2” of polyurethane foam, and an electronic control box to control the temperature setting.
  • Ideal for preventing liquids from freezing such as sodium hydroxide, water, etc.
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use. Insulation coated with 2 coats of weather resistant mastic coating.
  • Snyder can heat trace and insulate vertical tanks up to 15,000 gallon size, double wall tanks from 35 to 12,500 gallons.
  • Many accessories are also available including interior down pipes, external down pipes, seismic and wind restraint systems, level gauges and several fitting options.

Sizing your Heat Trace System

The quantity and type of panels required is determined by the size of the tank, desired temperature maintenance and environmental conditions. Tanks are available with standard heating systems with a delta-T of 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100°F. The delta-T is the difference between the product maintenance temperature and the minimum ambient temperature. For example if you wanted to maintain 60°F in a 0°F ambient environment a heating system with a 60°F delta-T would be selected. Tanks are supplied with the heating panels and a controller installed by Snyder. The only field connection required is the 110VAC supply power to the heating system.


For standard specifications for Polyethylene Upright Storage Plastic Tanks visit

Snyder Industries Tank Heat Maintenance System

Snyder Industries Tank Heat Maintenance Systems are be designed to meet specific requirements such as tank material type, tank size, low ambient temperature, and desired maintenance temperature.

All control components of the heating system are mounted in water tight, high impact plastic box(es) with a gasketed cover.

All heating system components shall be Nema 4X rated and factory pre-wired for 110 VAC. All connections shall be labeled to prevent errors in field installation.

Each control box shall carry a decal attached to the inside surface of the cover, on which an electrical wiring diagram will be printed.

Each control box shall contain two temperature controls. One control shall regulate the maintenance temperature setting and the other control shall regulate the high temperature setting. The maintenance temperature setting should be set at the desired maintenance temperature. The high temperature setting shall be adjusted to 10 degrees above the desired maintenance temperature to a maximum of 130 degrees Fahrenheit. All control systems must be designed with a power off failure mode.

The heating panels shall be designed to wrap around and lie flat against the surface of the tanks. The heating panels shall have a maximum heating density of 0.022 watts per square centimeter. All heating panels and sensor bulbs shall be attached to the tank with 2" wide duct tape. Under no circumstances shall cable type heaters be used with polyethylene tanks.

Insulation used is a polyurethane foam with a density of 2.0 - 3.0 lb./ft3 with a "R" value of 8.33/in. The foam shall be applied with a nominal thickness of 2" to all external tank surfaces except the tank bottom shell.

Upon completion of application and curing of the insulation, two full coverage coats of latex mastic coating are applied to the surface of the insulation in such manner as to seal the insulation from the outside environment. The latex mastic can be ordered in gray (standard) or white in color.

For standard specifications for Polyethylene Upright Storage Plastic Tanks visit 





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