Double Wall Tanks


Captor Double Wall Containment

Snyder's revolutionary Captor Containment System is designed to alleviate the
ever-changing environmental and safety concerns regarding bulk chemical storage
and containment for the 21st century.

Captor's unique tank-in-a-tank design enables users and specifiers to incorporate
advance performance and safety features on a bulk-handling system, which provides
total containment protection. Captor's double wall construction is completely enclosed
so that external matter, such as dust, rain and snow is prevented from collecting in the
outer containment tank.

Besides delivering unparalleled performance benefits, Captor Containment Systems also
contribute to your company's bottom line by significantly reducing installation and procurement
cost. Every Captor is shipped fully-assembled on either a standard or wide load flat bed trailers,
which reduces comparable costs by an average of 35 percent.


  • Industrial (ASTM D1998) design standards.
  • Material options for a diverse range of applications.
  • High-density linear polyethylene (HDLPE)* - black and natural white color complies with FDA Regulation 177.1520 and NSF/ANSI 61 standards.
  • Cross-linked, high density polyethylene (XLPE) - black and natural white color.
  • Opaque white sodium hypochlorite resin #880059.
  • Sulfuric acid resin #880046.
  • Available with IBC/CBC seismic and 150 mph wind restraint tie-down systems.
  • Specific gravity ratings are based on the industry's most severe calculation.
  • Standard specific gravity choices are 1.5 and 1.9, other ratings are available upon request.
  • All materials are UV stabilized for long-term outdoor service.

Dual containment Tank (DCT) Systems

Snyder's latest product innovation, double wall DCT tanks range from 15 gallons up to 500 gallons, provide a secondary containment solution in one integral space saving unit.

The smaller design configurations are ideal for commercial "Day" tank system requirements, and can be used in conjunction with Snyder's extensive line of larger double wall Captor Double Wall Containment Systems.

***Tank dimensions and mold features may vary depending on manufacturing location - please contact factory for drawing specific to the F.O.B. location.

Specifications Subject to change without notice.

NOTE: Dimensions listed below and on drawings may vary +/- 3% (standard molding tolerance).


Part Number  Part Number
1000112N--   35 GALLON DCT 22 36 M
1000122N-- with Pump Recess
22 36 M
5680002N--   60 GALLON DCT 26 41 M
with Pump Recess
26 41 M
5700102N--   120 GALLON DCT 34 51 M
5710102N--   150 GALLON DCT 34 62 M
5740102N--   275 GALLON DCT 47 63 M
5760102N--   360 GALLON DCT 53 63 M
5780102N--   500 GALLON DCT 53 81 M
5040000N--   550 GALLON 76 65 L
81 69 L
5470000N--   1100 GALLON 76 104 L
5490000N--   1550 GALLON 76 136 L
5570000N--(L)  5570100N--(P) 2000 GALLON*** 102 103 L,P
5580000N--(L)  5580100N--(P) 2500 GALLON*** 102 122 L,P
5590000N--(L)  5590100N--(P) 3000 GALLON*** 102 142 L,P
5600000N--(L)  5600100N--(P) 3500 GALLON*** 102 158 L,P
5610000N--(L)  5610100N--(P) 4000 GALLON*** 102 178 L,P
5620000N--   4500 GALLON 102 197 L
5630000N--   5000 GALLON 102 216 L
5660000N--   5500 GALLON 120 172 L
5670000N--   6500 GALLON 120 199 L
1006400N--   8700 GALLON 142 197 L
1006600N--   10,000 GALLON 142 226 L
1031100N--   12,500 GALLON- 142 274 L
Accessories for Captor Containment Systems Only 
Part No.  Description
1070000N-2E  U.F.O. Transition for 2" Bolted Fitting - EPDM Gasket 
1070000N-2V  U.F.O. Transition for 2" Bolted Fitting - VITON Gasket  
1070000N-3E  U.F.O. Transition for 3" Bolted Fitting - EPDM Gasket  
1070000N-3V  U.F.O. Transition for 3" Bolted Fitting - VITON Gasket  
1070000N-4E U.F.O. Transition for 4" Bolted Fitting - EPDM Gasket  
1070000N-4V  U.F.O. Transition for 4" Bolted Fitting - VITON Gasket  
1070100N-6E  U.F.O. Transition for 6" Bolted Fitting - EMPD Gasket  
1070100N-6V  U.F.O. Transition for 6" Bolted Fitting - VITON Gasket  
Note:  U.F.O. Transition for 6" bolted fitting inonly available on the 8700 and 10,000 gallon size Captors. 

Note: Snyder Industries approved parts. Any generic substitute installed on a Snyder Industries tank or container may invalidate product warranty protection.

Part No.  Description
3471030  Leak Detection Sensor 
3470515  Ultrasonic Level Indicator - PVC (DCT & CCS 79" & taller only).
347--  2" PVC Sight Glass Assembly w/bottom Tee 
347--  3" PVC Sight Glass Assembly w/bottom Tee 
347--  Seismic Restraints - 550-12,500 gallon 
347--  Reverse Level Gallonage Indicator 
347--  Draw tube assembly (Polypro) - DCTs only
347--*  2" External Fill Pipe Assembly 
347--*  3" External Fill Pipe Assembly 
347--*  4" External Fill Pipe Assembly 

*includes 1 PVC/CPVC Adapter, 10 ft. Schedule 80 PVC/CPVC Pipe, 2 90 degree elbows, 1 FRP Strut Assembly

F.O.B: L = Lincoln, Nebraska; M = Marked Tree, Arkansas; P = Philippi, West Virginia; C = Chowchilla, California


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